Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rung De’ONE associated with Holi festival?
The inspiration for Rung De’ ONE is derived from ‘Holi’, the Indian festival of colours which celebrates the triumph of all things good. It is an opportunity to forget our differences and indulge in family-friendly fun. Numerous legends and stories associated with the Holi festival makes our vision for RUNG DE’ONE all the more exuberant, vivid and exciting as we splash unity across all cultures.

Can I bring a still or video camera?
Absolutely, you should! Special moments at Rung De’ONE are ones you would want to capture. However please note that the colour powder may damage electronics like cellphones, cameras, watches etc.. It is advised that you cover and protect your personal belongings as needed. Rung De’ ONE will not be liable for any losses or damages to your personal belongings.

Is the Rung De’ONE colour powder safe?
Yes, the powder is natural, non-toxic, water soluble and environment friendly. However, if you have any pre-existing skin conditions, please consult with your doctor.

Where can I get my Rung De’ONE colour powder?
You need to purchase a colour pass which will get you unlimited access to colour powder.

Do I get unlimited amount of colour for free?
Believe it or not, yes you do until the quantity lasts! To be fair we will limit the quantity initially so all the colour pass holders can enjoy the festival. You can collect your colour packet from the RDO colour station at the festival.

Can I bring my own gulal or colour powder?
No, for your own safety we will be restricting the use of outside colour. We have imported certified natural colour powder and only this will be allowed at the festival. Any other powder may be unsafe and will be confiscated.

Is there any food or drinks at the festival?
Yes, there are festival food vendors where you can purchase food that satisfies your taste bud.

Will there be alcohol at Rung De’ONE?
For safety purposes alcohol is not permitted at the festival. There will be no alcohol sold, provided or allowed at the festival. Any person consuming alcohol may be asked to leave the Rung De’ ONE grounds.

What is included in my RDO colour pass?
Lots of fun, entry to the colour zone, unlimited access to colour powder.

What should I wear and come to the festival?
Don’t dress to impress, just wear your attitude, Wear comfortable clothing and footwear, sunscreen and hats will be a good idea as the festival is outdoors. Sunglasses can also be worn to protect the eyes. We ask you to come in your whites and we’ll colour it for you.

How do I purchase my tickets to Rung De’ONE?
You can purchase your tickets at Once you purchase your tickets you will receive a confirmation email, this is your entry to the RDO colour zone, show your ticket at the check in counter.

What time does the festival start and end?
We like being punctual. Rung De’ONE will be celebrated from 12:00noon to 6:00pm. Please come on time.

Is there an age restriction for Rung De’ONE?
All ages are welcome at Rung De’ONE, if you are 12 years or younger you must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the festival. Kids under the age of 5 get free entry to the RDO colour zone.

Will there be RDO colour passes on sale at the venue on the day of the festival?
Yes, you can buy your RDO colour passes at the door but you will pay $5.00 extra on the price of the ticket.

How do I get clean?
Prayers work for the soul! For clothes best tip is – After you are done playing at Rung De’ONE, dust the dry colour powder from your clothes and hair before you take a shower or use water. Cold water will be a better option than hot water.

How do I get colour out of my hair?
It might take a few washes to get it out of your hair, using coconut hair oil before coming to Rung De’ONE would be a great idea.

Does Rung De’ONE support any charity?
Yes, we support United way as our chosen charity. A portion of the proceeds will be donated towards charity.

What if I want to be at Rung De’ ONE but not play with colours?
If you don’t like to play with colours, you are still welcome at Rung De’ONE but please note you can choose not to colour others but there is no guarantee you will not get any colour on you.

How do I volunteer for Rung De’ONE?
If you are 16 years and above you can volunteer for Rung De’ONE by emailing us at

What if it rains?
Rain or shine, it’s time for Rung De’ONE! We will continue to play if it rains but if there is lightning, we will stop the DJ until the weather is clear for everyone’s safety.

Can I bring a pet?
We love pets but for the safety of your pet we will not be allowing them on the grounds.

What must I carry?
You must carry your Smile as you could be the next big STAR! Your entry to the event gives us the permission to post the event pics and videos for all promotional or commercial purposes.

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